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Download ReviOS

Unlock your machine's true potential with optimized performance, low latency and reduced data collection.

Important Notes

  • A Window Pro License key is required to activate any ReviOS release.
  • These ISOs require you to wipe your drives. Please make proper backups of your important data.
  • Verify the ISO after downloading to ensure there are no errors with the help of this guide.
  • Windows 11 only: to play Valorant and other anti-cheat games, Secure Boot and TPM must be enabled in BIOS.
  • By downloading ReviOS, you agree with the legal considerations and Terms of Use.
  • To support Revision, links are provided through ads. Should you have trouble getting the link, please consider installing uBlock Origin.
Looking to update your current ReviOS?

The upgrading process is still experimental and exclusively works if you're already on ReviOS. It does not work if you're on anything else!

We also urge you to read the Upgrade Guide to ensure a smooth upgrade without data loss.

Upgrading Guide

Unsure how to install?

The detailed installation guide can be found in the FAQ under "How to install".

Curious about the changes?

The update history can be found in the Changelog.

Having trouble in the OS?

Our FAQ has answers to many common problems. Should you not find an answer there, feel free to ask for help in our Discord server.

Minimum system requirements

  • 1 GHz dual core processor
  • 2 GB of system memory (RAM)
  • 15-20 GB of free disk space (20-25GB for upgrading)
  • 64 bit system capability