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Terms of Use

The Legal and Terms of Use page are interconnected and tied together. Their virtual separation is only present to ease the process of reading.

This project is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

By downloading any of these images (ISOs), you agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Service with respect to (5.) Authorized Software and Activation. None of these pre-tweaked image files are pre-activated, to activate your Windows install, you must use a genuine Microsoft key.

Additional info on this specific matter can be found on the Legal page.

No affiliation with Microsoft

No party except Microsoft can vouch 100% for the ISOs’ behaviors (and of course security). These ISOs are not endorsed in any way, not even partially, by Microsoft.

The ISOs provided by Revision are meant to speed up the process of optimization.

No warranties, either expressed or implied, are herewith given for anything modified or produced by Revision (ReviOS).

We're NOT responsible for any direct or indirect consequences/damage resulting from their use.

Always do and test backups beforehand through multiple means, copies or on multiple (storage)devices.

Possible risks

A non-exhaustive list of risks for any custom Windows ISO include, but are not limited to, some or all of the following.

Any item listed below does not affect ReviOS (if downloaded from the official sources), and this can be confirmed by reviewing the CSV files that are provided on the Verification page.

Malicious hidden keystroke registration and uploading to third party servers - including:

  • e-mail addresses
  • accounts and passwords
  • harvesting of personal data

Uploading of:

  • personal files
  • details of personal files
  • (lists of) opened files
  • programs
  • settings changed
  • websites visited
  • memory dumps


  • Use of system for mining cryptocurrency or re-deployment/spreading of malicious programs. Generic backdoors.