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System requirements

Refer to our website's section about this. Despite being the same as the official Windows system requirements, ReviOS usually uses less RAM and has fewer processes running.

TPM and Secure Boot on Windows 11

The Windows 11 versions of ReviOS has the Secure Boot and TPM requirements disabled only for the installation of the OS. In order to play games or use anti-cheats that require Secure Boot and TPM, you still need to enable those functions.

For more information and confirmation, check the requirements of the software you are going to use. Generally, anti-cheats do not require neither TPM nor Secure Boot on Windows 10.

ReviOS RAM usage

Total RAM CapacityMax UsageActual Available Amount
2 GB1.1 GB down to 0.9, 1.4 GB peak600 MB to 1.1 GB
4 GB1.4 GB2.6 GB
8 GB1.4 GB6.6 GB
12 GB2.3 GB9.7 GB
16 GB1.3 GB14.7 GB
24 GB1.2 GB22.8 GB
32 GB1.1 GB30.9 GB
48 GB0.9 GB47.1 GB

Tested on a fresh installation of ReviOS 10 23.03, in VMWare, on AMD Ryzen 5900X with Superfetch and Memory Compression disabled .

Credit to Stasium#0001