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Applying Playbook

Installing with the Playbook

Here's the great part: no matter if you're on stock Windows or already on ReviOS, all you have to do is run the newest Playbook to convert / update your system:

  1. Download the AME Wizard and the latest ReviOS Playbook
  2. Launch the AME Wizard and drag the ReviOS Playbook to the dedicated section
  3. Follow the displayed steps to disable Windows Defender and other system protections
  4. Optional: Customize ReviOS features to pick your preferred browser, and edit further settings
  5. Install the ReviOS Playbook and watch the magic happen. Depending on your systems' power, This can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

If you want a perfectly fresh start, install stock Windows first and run the ReviOS Playbook once you're done with the initial setup.


Converting existing installations is still experimental and can, in rare cases, cause issues. Make sure to have proper backups of all your important files before running the Playbook.

An installation based on stock Windows will always be the safest method.


Do not run the Playbook on any Windows ISO other than ReviOS or stock. Doing so will result in an unpredictable mix of tweaks that can have any number of unsolvable issues.

If you're currently on a different Windows ISO, you have to do a clean stock install before running the Playbook.

Once the process is complete and all command windows have closed, you should proceed with the Post-Install Steps, where you'll install drivers and set some important settings.

Updating with the Playbook

ReviOS disables the Windows Update panel by default, and stops any updates from installing automatically. If you want to update your Windows version, follow these simple steps:

  1. Upgrade your Windows to the latest version using our upgrade guide
  2. Disable Windows Defender using Revision Tool and reboot
  3. Once all updates are finalized, re-run the latest available Playbook